Nothing is more important than your health and that of your family and visitors. Your drinking water should contain no harmful concentrations of chemicals or pathogens (disease causing organisms) and ideally it should look, taste and smell appealing. At RWL, we will analyse your sample and compare it to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to assess the safety and aesthetic quality of the water.

Calcium salts in the water can form scale which can cause blockages in irrigation lines or hot water systems. Conversely, some waters are corrosive and will strip metals such as aluminium, copper, bronze, brass and zinc. Dissolved metals like copper, sometimes appear as blueish stains on washbasins and baths when the water comes into contact with soap or other alkaline materials.

Worried about the way your bore or tank water looks, smells or tastes? Does the water have unexplained particulate floating around or does it smell peculiar? Put your mind at ease and organise some testing.